Sailing Solutions, was founded in 2003, being one of the first Rigging companies in the Barcelona area with an experience of more than 400 mast stepped in a range between 40 to 150´ size boats. We deal and work with the most important rigging international suppliers, counting with their support in all our custom projects. Our tech teams work in all Marinas throughout Spain Marinas and shipyards.


We stock in our workshops wire and rod press machines in order to make our own rig manufactures for up to 60´-70´size boats. Over that length we get supplies directly from the rigging suppliers . Works on wire, rod and fiber rigging materials. Wide experience in wooden , aluminum and carbo masts. Sailing Solutions S.L technicians will carry out a full mast and rig inspections providing detailed reports specifying any rig issues in order to fix the problems for a future safety sail.


We supply the most highest quality brands in order to avoid any type of problem caused by load brakes and abrasions.
Our technicians do any work on ropes ; splice mooring lines, halyard lines, strobes lines, etc…


All kind of leather works are made on board, as steering wheel cover, top end spreaders, turnbuckle covers, hydraulic cylinder covers, etc..
Works with different leather types of material and colors, according to customer‘s request.


Sailing Solutions deals with the most important deck hardware companies, fitting top quality parts on board. Service and supply of winches, tracks, blocks, furling systems ,fullbatten systems etc…
We advise our customers on the best hardware system choice to have the best chart performance during their navigations.


We advise our clients that it is very important to service and inspect their winches ate least once a year.
Winch parts are continuously working at high loads, so they need cleaning, inspection, replacement of worn parts and working test.


We have cooperated with Fabra & Coats Castellano in architechture projects.

Architects Manuel Ruisanchez & Francesc Bacardit